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Dulingo English Test

Master English Language and get high score in Dulingo English Test

The Dulingo English Test is an English language proficiency test designed for international students and institutions. The test is designed to test candidates’ English Language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. The Duolingo English Test is a computer-based English language proficiency test recognized by various institutions around the world.

It is a 60-minute test in which a student can be seen anywhere with just one computer and a good internet connection. It is an adaptive test system where the next question will be asked according to the performance in the previous questions. The difficulty level of each question increases with each correct answer given. The test will  appropriately assess your competence depending on your ability. After completing the Duolingo English test, students can receive their results in just 48 hours. The plus point is that you can also attend for DET with preparation for IELTS and other traditional exams.

Dulingo course at VLG Connect will aid you master English language. At VLG Connect, our certified instructors give students complete freedom to explore the topic and learn based on real-time examples. We improve your understanding of the DULINGO test and teach strategies so that you can approach your desired score.

  • Private session with small groups for individual attention
  • Language development sessions based on vocabulary
  • Tips and tricks to improve listening, writing, reading and speaking skills
  • Special classes to understand the test format
  • Practice sessions according to the test format
  • Unlimited doubt sessions on the phone, Skype, or in-person
  • FREE Demo Class
  • Extensive Study Material
  • Guaranteed Results

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