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Spoken English Course

Speak English

Learn with us and Speak English with confidence

Speaking English has become essential to expanding your world of opportunities. English is spoken or at least understood by one in five people in the world. The importance of learning English in the international marketplace cannot be underrated – learning English really can change your life. Effective communication is essential for better career opportunities in community circles and is important for overall confidence, social image, motivation, and success.

Spoken English course at VLG Connect will aid you in effectively communicating in English. At VLG Connect, our certified instructors give students complete freedom to explore the topic and learn based on real-time examples.

  • Systematically working on Key Skills
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing Exercises
  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Real Speaking Practice
  • Vocabulary Building | Idioms & Phrases
  • Grammar Practice Exercises
  • Voice & Accent Training
  • Guidance on using Rise Course Material
  • Progress Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Focus on Practical Skills
  • Course Completion & Guidance for Future

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